Project Life Week 4



Do you ever have those weeks where you are overwhelmed by lif? Where the entire week seems like climbing up a steeep hill,

and just when you think you are about to finish your climb and coast the downhill side, you see another steep incline in your path?


Yup, I know you all know what I am talking about.

That was last week.

I apologize for the lack of posts. It just didn’t have any chance of happening.

You can skip this part if you want:Husband out of town, godmother goes into the hospital, dishwasher breaks, toilet breaks, doorknob breaks, godmother goes into ICU, all day Odyssey of the mind practice,

piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, basketball practice, 3 basketball games, additional Odyssey of the mind practice for all 3 kids, bible study, grocery shop, meal plan, lunches, puppy, laundry…

The reason I tell you all of this is to explain my non-SU project presented here.

When I am overwhelmed, I go to what is comfortable and what I can do on auto pilot. I was a digital scrapbooker long before MDS. I have and still use photoshop elements and have a ton of non-Stampin’ Up! digital items.

I think MDS2 is an AWESOME product, but it is still new to me and I haven’t been digi scrapping as much as I would like. PSE is still second nature to me.

So, in light of all that went on this week, I sat down and quickly made this page. I also used I kit I purchased years ago and never used.

I didn’t want another day to pass without posting, and this is what I had to post.

Another thing I needed to do this weekend was to plan a card class for a women’s bible study group.

They are the sweetest group of ladies and I have been attending their bible study where they have been so welcoming even though I am not a member of their church.

I think the majority of the ladies have never stamped.

They will make 2 cards. One will be donated to the church and the other they will keep.

I needed to come up with a card that was pleasing simple card, but I wanted to take the same materials and step it up so they could see the possiblities with simple stamping.

Are you asking yourself why is she telling us all of this?

Well, I will be using those sample cards on my blog this week. That means 4 days of different versions of one card. Times 2.

I am so happy to have my husband home and my godmother responding to medication.

Life is good – even when it is uphill.

Thanks for stopping by!FOOTER

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