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This past weekend was crazy. Friday morning while dropping my 2 oldest off at school (something I never do because we carpool with a neighbor so I do the afterschool pick up) one of my daughter’s teachers said, “I almost called you yesterday. My daughter is having a birthday party tomorrow and I don’t have any activities planned. I thought maybe you could do a craft thing with the girls.”

Funny thing was, the day before I was thinking about this very thing. I hear so many moms tell me their daugther loves all things craft, but the moms don’t feel like the have the time or desire to do it with them.

So I went home and came up with a few projects for the kids and since it was early release day, a few hours later I found myself at a birthday party with 13 little girls. It was great fun.




I had such a good time doing this. One of the little girls said she has a January birthday and wants me at her party. I loved being with the girls and I was amazed at how well they did!!

I created a quick scrapbook page to remember the event.

December 20_FINAL - Copy

Thank you for sharing some of your busy day with me.


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