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Yesterday I was finishing work on a card class planner for May & June. I really wanted to make something just for me.

I had all these plans to make a bunch of cards that have been swirling around my brain.


I had planned to spend the day with some new Stampin’ Up! stamp sets that arrived on Wednesday.

I had planned….

You know what is coming next, right?

Just as I finished what I HAD to do and was preparing for what I WANTED to do,

my oldest called me,

Can you bring my laptop to school?

We are 7 miles from school so a 15 min trip , and it breaks the flow of creativity.

So I go, of course, because I am a wife and mother FIRST.

So I come home and start on this card.

Right in the middle of coloring….

Ring, Ring

Mama, could you come and get my laptop? I don’t want to carry it all day.

Made sense, so off I go.

15 minutes later…

I sit down to finish this card

Ring, Ring….


It was my sweety.

The card is eventually finished , but more simply than I had originally planned.

I had to leave for carpool lane pick-up.

Which usually takes me 1 1/2 -2 hours depending on the day.

So what is the point of all this?

I had planned to make a bunch of cards for the week so they would be ready to post in the wee hours of the morning.

Instead, I got one card. LOL!

I will keep trying :-)



  1. Nice one Joanie. I love the clean lines and the simplicity of this set. I think it definitely needs to go on my wish list. Thanks for enabling me again!

    • Sheri, I think you will be pleased to have this set in your stash. The image is just so perfect, and simply beautiful. I love to reach for it and do so when I need a card to turn out just so.

  2. Haha, this is why I love following your blog. You got one more card done than I did today though. This card is lovely and I’m really regretting talking myself out of ordering the poppies stamp.

    • Thanks Suzanne! I find myself right back where I was on Friday. I am going to try to get one card made before pick up today. I finished my taxes so I sould treat myself, right? ;-)

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