Christmas Card with Oldies but Goodies



This is a Christmas card I made last week after taking a long break from crafting. I looked to my favorite card artist Teneale Williams to help me find my mojo again. This is a CASE of one of her cards from several years ago. I used retired items but you could easily use current items to recreate this card. This is a great design and you could substitute a lot of items and still come out with a great looking card.

Do you finish the insides of your cards? For many years I did not. It was only after seeing Teneale’s work and how lovely the inside of her cards were that it made me re-think my lazy position on finishing the inside of a card. I am now a believer in making the inside as pretty as the front.

Here is the finished inside:


It doesn’t take too much more effort, but I think it really makes a big statement about your cards.

I am in my cold little craft room today working on cards for next week. I will try to stay away from the endless casing of Teneale’s cards. I don’t think she has any Thanksgiving cards since she is in Australia. :-) I feel like a batch of T-day cards are in order since we are approaching my favorite holiday!

Hope you have a Super Saturday!



  1. Good to have you back! I’ve missed your creative genius. :)

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